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"MPH is a flexible and extremely practical co-packer"

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In business since 2007, Packaging Partners – which collaborates with MPH Co-Packing – specializes in the development, innovation, and supply of sustainable and conventional flexible packaging materials. Rob Daniels, managing director of Packaging Partners, talks about his company and what it’s like to work with MPH Co-Packing.

Besides specializing in conventional flexible packaging materials (paper, mono recyclable films, or bio-based and bio-degradable/compostable materials), Packaging Partners also has its own graphic design department. Rob explains more. ‘This department is where we produce mock-ups for market launches or presentations. We also recently opened an experience room to display our latest developments in sustainable packaging and a range of packaging options.’


Rob explains that his company started working together with MPH Co-Packing after receiving an order for packaging for toothpaste tablets. ‘We suggested using sustainable paper, in line with the client’s concept, and put forward MPH as a potential partner for the packaging. MPH was raring to go and had a flexible mindset, so we tackled this project together, ran tests, and successfully implemented it. After that, we were in contact more often and exchanged new clients and projects.’

A fantastic combination

‘MPH is a flexible and extremely practical co-packer. It takes a no-nonsense approach and has its sights set on ensuring a high level of quality. They have a lot of technical knowledge and offer various packaging options. Thanks to its years of experience and vast knowledge of materials and processing properties, Packaging Partners can recommend the right packaging material for a range of needs. It’s a fantastic combination, as it means MPH can use the most suitable equipment for its customers and maximize output. Packaging Partners also offers the option to test material or small runs quickly and can refer requests for co-packing to MPH.’


“Sharing knowledge and experience enhances that combined effort, driven by the aim to provide customers with a better, more efficient, smarter service.”

Sustainability: a ‘must’ for packaging materials

Sustainability has dominated the packaging landscape in recent years and is now a ‘must’ not just in terms of production, but also (and if not more so) in terms of packaging materials. In addition to the regular composite packaging materials, Packaging Partners supplies a sustainable range of materials. Examples include mono (recyclable) films, bio-based or compostable materials, and sealable paper as a plastic alternative. ‘Order volumes have also changed. With the advent of new (healthier) products, start-ups, and ever more frequent changes to product declarations and designs, launch requirements are significantly lower than a few years ago,’ says Rob.

Fully responsive to market demand

Based on material requirements, Packaging Partners utilizes digital printing technology that can print exceptionally small runs, starting at just a few hundred metres long. ‘We can then quickly scale up to narrow flexo printing technologies, and customers aren’t required to purchase large or excessive volumes. Thanks to its range of machines, MPH is able to respond to this and is perfectly capable of serving the entire spectrum – from low launch requirements to large runs.’

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