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Large or small? We help you find the most suitable packaging

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You have a product that needs to be packaged. You will probably have an idea of how this packaging should look, but no definite plans. We would be pleased to help you create the best packaging for your product. We have many years of experience in co-packing, as well as competent team members with technical knowledge of our equipment to make sure we can anticipate your needs and the needs of your suppliers (of your packaging material, for instance).

First of all, we look forward to welcoming you at our location to show you some end products. We have small and large packaging; a range of packaging materials and we use various methods. Take a good look at the product from every angle to get a better idea of how you would like your product to be packaged.

After a cup of coffee, we can show you around the factory, where you will see which machines we use and what their advantages are (such as metal detection), and how the team operates these machines. This is also where you can have a look at the various packaging sizes. We package small products, like the mini breadsticks. Our smallest packaging is 5 grams. But we can also fill larger bags, it depends on the product, as an example, we also fill 5-kilo bags of spiced mini-biscuits.

We think this look behind the scenes makes it easier for you to choose the right packaging. If you are not sure, we are always on hand to give advice.

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